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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website place higher in the search results for relevant searches. In short, this process results in your website being more accessible to your users/customers.

Why is Website Optimisation so important?

Google’s constantly updated algorithm constantly scans websites to deliver the best results to their users, your customers.

Optimising your website improves awareness of your brand among searchers who would otherwise choose the same products or services from a competitor’s brand.

A great looking website isn’t enough

No matter how slick and trendy your website is, if search engines don’t see it, neither will potential customers. Search engines require websites to comply with a number of search-friendly guidelines to achieve a higher ranking. As a result, becoming more visible to searchers.

What can we do for you?

Our team of Search Engine Optimisation experts will analyse your website, industry and goals to provide a bespoke solution. In other words, we will turn your online business into a booming revenue source.

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    Did you know that 70% of people click on the top three results under the ads in search engines?

    We can help get your business in those top 3 positions.


    Wedding Cake Art by Karen Hill

    Wedding Cake Art make wedding cakes for the Greater Sydney Metro area and the NSW South Coast.

    Business owner and cake wiz, Karen Hill, approached us to make some minor modifications to her website. Karen also asked us why her competitors were listing on page 1 of Google while her own website was buried deep in the search results.

    Our SEO team conducted an thorough analysis of Karen’s website and performed Search Engine Optimisation.

    Before long, had not only risen to page 1 of Google for thousands of search terms, but also achieved the #1 position for hundreds of the most relevant search terms.

    See for yourself…

    Google results for “wedding cake sydney”
    Google results for “affordable wedding cakes”
    Google results for “cheap wedding cakes sydney”
    Google results for “wedding cake price sydney”
    Google results for “wedding cake cost sydney”

    Needless to say, we are very pleased for Karen’s success.


    Your advice and expertise has not only multiplied my sales, but you have also helped me understand how the search world works. Plus, my friends and associates that I’ve recommended are also very happy. Whenever anyone needs their website managed or changed, I’d be more than happy to continue recommending your services.

    Wedding Cake Art By Karen Hil

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