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Welcome To The New Billarga Website

Being a website design company, our website needs be modern and impressive. Technologies and design styles have changed since our website was designed in 2013. It was time to give a fresh new look!

Our previous website was built entirely in raw code, which was a time-consuming process. This time we decided to build it using the impressive WordPress platform. Using WordPress allowed us to build this website in a matter of days, compared to months using raw HTML.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), which is very similar to writing a Microsoft Word document. To start, we purchased a pre-built theme, then customised it to suit our own business design and layout. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes to give you an instantly professional new website.

In addition to the vast quantity of available themes, WordPress comes with a built-in blog, free plugins and a media library.

We hope you like the new design of Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in getting yourself a WordPress website.

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