Complete monitoring and maintenance for your WordPress website

Ask yourself…

  • Is your WordPress core and theme up up-to-date?
  • Are your plugins up-to-date?
  • Is your website secure?
  • If your website goes offline, how would you know?
  • Do you have a scheduled backup?
  • How fast is your website? Could the speed be improved?

Your website’s WordPress platform, themes and plugins need to be constantly updated to remain healthy and secure. You’ll also need to have a reliable backup in place if something goes wrong.

Then there’s performance, uptime and traffic analysis. There’s a lot to do, and frankly, who has the time?

With Billarga WP Manager your website is being cared for and maintained 24/7.


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Billarga WP Manager Features


Incremental, reliable off-site storage, and capable of running on an hourly cycle.

Uptime Monitor

When your website goes down, we will get it back online before anyone else notices.

Safe Updates

Safe Updates automatically create a restore point, making updating safer than ever.

Sucuri Security Check

Ensures sure your sites are clean, and if any files become infected we will be able to spot them on time.

Performance Check

Our performance check provides detailed insight into your website performance and allows us to quickly respond to any issues.


Keeping you informed with custom, professional reports.

Google Analytics

Keep track of your traffic data.

Manage Plugins & Themes

We update your themes and plugins to the latest version and roll-back updates should something go wrong.

Vulnerability Updates

Vulnerability checks provide real time information about what plugins are vulnerable so we can act accordingly.

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